Cast Members in Edinburgh and Alton Towers

While we have plenty of stuff going on Liverpool and Chester during August (shows in Liverpool and Chester and workshops in Liverpool) not all of our cast will be able to join us, busy as they are in other projects over the peak summer. Ed Croft will be appearing with his brother Tom, as Jollyboat, at the Voodoo Rooms. Their musical comedy has won them awards nationally and locally, so maybe they don’t need our luck but we wish them it anyway.

Meanwhile, our lovely Lauren is playing the mighty Hermaphrodite in Spike Theatre’s The Games at Zoo Roxy. The shop previewed in Liverpool, with other cast members turning up to be all like “Yeh, I perform her, regularly, we’re like friends and everything”, because we were all that proud. Ian’s favourite bit was was she slapped her bare behind in close proximity to her face. Oh how we laughed.

Lastly, the Scot amongst us isn’t actually performing in his native land at all. Instead, Lee MacPherson, as he is often known, is buckling his swashes entertaining the crowds down at Alton Towers.

We wish them all well and if you do go and see them, please resist the urge to shout the names of common household implements at them, or indeed suggest an alternative style for them to perform in.

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