Autumn News

As we head towards Autumn we though it would good to let you know what has been happening.

We have confirmed our monthly gigs which will be happening at Blundell Street. Please come along to those and join the mailing for details of offers on admission.

Over the summer, we have been getting to know the folks at Sticky Floor and have performed with the awesome Scriv and Mark – big shout out to them. We seen the welcome return of Dannielle Malone and Keddy Sutton who have performed with us again after a little break. Dannielle can be seen here can be seen with Ed Croft talking about representing Impropriety at “Come and Have a Go If You Think You’re Bard Enough”. This was a unique performance of “Richard III”  starring 23 Liverpool theatre/performance companies, who each took on a scene of the play, to perform in their own style. As an improv troupe, Impropriety played their part in the form of a game, which was a cross between our regular games ‘Pick Up Line’ and ‘Actors Nightmare’. One performer had a script, one had a script that had been shredded and scattered across the stage and the third had to completely make up their lines.

Just returned from Canada are honeymooners Trev Fleming and Angie Waller, with our own Artistic Director, Rosie Wilkinson. We’re delighted to have them back for two main reasons:

1) Performing in 50 hour soap-a-thons can be bad for your health but that’s exactly what they were doing when they took part in Die Nasty’s 19th annual Soap-A-Thon

2) Rosie in particular had such a good time that she has been making worrying noises about living there permanently

You can check out Trev and Ange being all interviewee and performery, (and struggling with a costume scarf) here on Canadian TV, where they were promoting the show.

Check us out live this Autumn and watch this space for more details of when/where you can….

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