New Faces 0f 2011

Hello there everyone!

Just a little note from Impropriety Towers to let you know what’s happening at the moment… If you have been to any of our recent shows you will have noticed a few new people treading the boards in the name of Impropriety, some of whom you may know from other improv groups and some who are new to the improv scene. What’s going on you may ask?
Well for one thing, here at Impropriety we are committed to not only promoting and using established performers but also bringing talented new faces to the improv stage and so some
wonderful people that we have discovered through our workshops are making their way to the stage for us. It’s always exciting to let loose new talent on our audiences and all of the unhinged individuals we have found are just brilliant additions to our team.
The other reason that new people new to Impropriety are popping up in our shows is that we are also very dedicated to working closely with other improv groups both in the area and further afield. To this end we are delighted to announce that we are going to be working very closely with the brilliant folks at ‘Sticky Floor’. You will see people from Impropriety in their shows and people from Sticky Floor in ours. It will be like an unholy loved-up comedy remake of the human centipede right in front of your very eyes (there’s a thought for you)!
It’s wonderful to be working so closely with such a quality improv group… stay tuned for more news from Impropriety Towers very soon,

Ian xxx.

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