Happy holidays!

Happy Holidays from Impropriety Towers!!!!!

We’ve got lots of wonderful things planned for the New Year but in the tradition of the Festive season we are not going to let you open those particular presents yet… stop shaking the boxes! Yes, Yes… that one does sound like an Improvathon… but it might not be… It could be socks! And yes that other one is the right shape for a Soap Opera… but isn’t it more likely to be a tin of Quality Street? No… that one there is a box of smellies from Aunty Jean… what do you mean she promised you a Launch Event and some wonderful new Workshops… well she lies that woman… and drinks far too much sherry.. now come away from that tree! Now or else there’ll be no Mulled pies and Minced Wine for you… and I mean it!!!

So no cats let out of Santa’s bag there then!… more details to follow, but until then the lovely folks at Impropriety Towers would like to thank you for being part of our wonderful family and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Happy Christmas to one and all… and as Tiny Tim observed “God bless us every one!”

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