New Year, New News!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Such a lot of exciting things going to happen with Impropriety at the moment, we are very excited to tell you about all of them so the Blog updates will be coming thick and fast telling you much more about the New Season Launch Spectacular, The Soap Opera, and The Improvathon but what we are going to shout about just now is the return of The Improv Jam Workshops!

If you have been in Mello-Mello lately you will have no doubt seen the Keep Calm and Make Stuff Up posters advertising the return of the Jam workshops… there is a very important change this year, we have gone back to Wednesday night for the workshops, this is to let us pack the other goodies that we are going to offer in to the weeks ahead.

Like last year the workshops will be fortnightly and headed up by various members of the Impropriety Cast and will be a fun exploration of improvisation games and techniques to help release your inner joker.

The first Jam Workshop will be on  11th of January at Mello Mello starting at 7pm (as always get there early and have a chat and a cup of something nice from the bar. (Facebook Event Here!)

Later for now…

Ian xxx

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