TOMORROW: The Liverpool Improvathon 2012!

In less than a day over 30 performers will be forgoing sleep for 33.5 straight hours – 2012 sequential minutes – for your entertainment.

Before your very eyes an epic narrative will be woven, and nobody knows where it’ll end up.  Some will live, some will die.  Some will love, some will… also die.

Not only does this show feature Impropriety regulars, but we’ve also got some spectacular comedy geniuses from London and CANADA, where this insane format originated.

These improvised comedy marathons happen a couple of times a year, so if you’re in the neighborhood you should very much check it out.

£5 for just one 2 hour show, or £25 to come and go as you please for the full 33.5 hours.

If you can’t make the whole show, but want to know how it pans out, the whole thing will be liveblogged by our sleep-not-needing award winning directorfriend Dr. Capt. Lee Isserow.

Hope to see you there!

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