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Welcome to Sodem Hall

My Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen –  it is the inordinate pleasure and unequivocated delight of those masters of mirth Impropriety to announce their forthcoming soap opera “The Tragical Past and Mysterious Present of Sodem Hall” being a hitherto undiscovered masterpiece of that peerless penman Mr Charles Dickens.

Playing in that most prestigious of music halls “The Kazimier” every Tuesday from 27 Mar to 1 May 2012 at 7.30pm, tickets can be purchased for £5 per episode or £25 for a soap season ticket (£20 online early bird ticket – Buy Early Bird Tickets Here

Ogle at orphans starving.  Watch widows commit suicide.  Laugh at landlords extracting rent in many lascivious ways.  Hear of heroines descending into gin addled fantasies.  Heckle our Hero as he bravely faces the beak and the gibbet and other hilarious exploits set in and around the newly built crumbling ruins of Sodem Music Hall

Each episode of the soap opera will be created on the fly by the members of the company, incorporating suggestions and stupidities by you, the audience.

“Sodem Hall” follows in from the success of the 2012 33.5hr Improvathon “Back to The Studio” and the 2010 hit 10 week soap opera “The Regenerates

The Tragical Past and Mysterious Present of Sodem Hall

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