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The Tragical Past & Mysterious Present of Sodem Hall – Episode 2…Who’s going to get the money??

The plot thickens at Sodem Hall and with the arrival of police inspector Padlock Halls the search is on for the murderer of Lord Sodem.  The will has been read and whoever reveals the perpetrator walks away with the money! Who could it be? Imelda Hyde, Lord Sodem’s mistress?  Snidely B’Stard who is the only true heir to the Sodem estate…..or is he?

And if you missed the last episode – look at this fabulous trailer by the even more fabulous Doctor Captain.  And read the wonderful review from the even much more fabulous Remote Goat reviewer Mr Patrick Cunningham.  And for even much much more fabulousness catch the next episode on Tuesday 10th April at The Kazimier.  8pm.  Only £5.

“I implore you, turn up and tune in next week for part the third, which promises once more to satisfy your need for salacious Victorian gossip.”

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