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September Salutations

September is here….how did that happen?? And as usual, those at Impropriety Towers has been beavering away!

The beginning of September saw our Improprieters returning to Mello to perform in “Double Trouble” – a new format to us all, where 4 teams of 2 fought to win the audiences vote. Having 15 minutes each, teams could choose whatever they liked…and of course, hilarity ensued.  Team Trev/Ian were the worthy winners.

It is also that time of year where some of us have jumped on a plane and jetted off to Canada to take part in the Die Nasty 20th Annual 50 hour Soapathon, which this year is based on the theme Game of Thrones.  Presenting SOAP OF THRONES.  Improprieters Katie Cross, Trev Fleming, Helen Foster, Lauren Silver, Angie Waller and Rosie Wilkinson will be joining some of the worlds most prolific improvisers to go just a little bit mental.  If you don’t already you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to watch their sanity slowly unravel!
And finally – keep your eye out for the fortnightly workshops starting up again.


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