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The end of the world…..well of 2012!

So the world didn’t end! Yippee!! And what a good thing that was.  Here at Impropriety Towers we have SOOOO much planned for 2013 that if it had ended, we would have been mightily peeved!

But what a year it’s been.  A season launch, an awesome improvathon with fabulous Die Nasty visitors from Edmonton, a 6 week victorian soap opera, spooky goings on in St George’s hall, Light Night, Improvaggedon and all our usual shenanigans at MelloMello.  We’ve also had Improprieters perform in improvathons in London, Bristol and all the way over in Canadia!

And we have many more things up our sleeves for 2013.  It’s going to be AWESOME!!

But for now we’d like to thank EVERYONE who has helped in any way, big or small, throughout the year.  There are a lot of wonderful people who have helped Impropriety have an awesome 2012 and we hope that everyone will jump on the made up train for 2013 & enjoy the ride with us! You never know what’s going to happen – it all comes out of our brains!!

So have HAPPY CHRISTMAS & A FANTASTIC NEW YEAR, see you all next year and here’s a little Christmassy dance from Angie, Ian & Rosie to please your eyes – Click Here

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