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iiiiiits iiiiiiiimprov!

So the rest of the year just flew by!! All of a sudden it’s Christmas. Time flies when you’re making stuff up!!

2013 has been an awesome year for Impropriety and saw us collaborate with some amazing people and organisations.  And of course – we reached our 5th birthday!!

We hosted music events and Christmas parties, we’ve channelled the improv spirits and served up a healthy portion of dinnerprov. We’ve gone for hours (33.5 hour Improvathon & 10 hour BIG day of fun) and of course we’ve travelled, most notably to Canadia and Australia to make stuff up with our international friends. And to top it off Angie got to wear a paper bag on her head for nearly swearing in a family friendly show!

And we couldn’t have done it without your guys (gush!). Your support (of any kind) has been amazing and we look forward to doing it all again in 2014 – BIGGER AND BETTER!! We have some exciting things in the pipeline so see you next year for some more make em up magic.

And as a little thank you gift here are Angie, Ian & Rosie doing a Christmas dance for you all the way from Impropriety Towers!


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