And soon…. IT BEGINS!

Dearest ladies and gentlemens,

I hereby and humbly offer myself as your humble herebying narrator for the forthcoming Improvathon of the year of our lord…. 20… uh… 13?  14?  Whatever…

Be warned in advance; there be expletives forthcoming, for it takes me an awful lot of self control to not unfurl them upon your poor, tragic earballs and eyeholes.  So,let the countdown begin to my annual diatribe of observing and reporting upon the doings of our mighty players, who sacrifice sleep for your enjoyment.


The show commences at 1, with doors opening every two hours after said hour, before closing for a further two hours of entertainment, before opening after said two hours have passed, before closing for a further two hours of entertainingness, before opening upon yet the arrival of time until closing and then reopening – and so forth.

So time your entrance well, for the doors are like a bladed pendulum hanging above you.
But on hinges.  And sidewards.  And not sharp.

Not like pendulums then.

Shut up. It’s IMPROVATHON time!.

(Until it begins at 1pm today, all exclamation marks shall be followed by full stops to stop said exclamation from being let loose before the time upon which it is suitable to do so.)

Welcome to Umbridge

#umbridge #LiverpoolImprovathon blablablah.

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