Summer Improv had me a blaaaast!

We’re certainly rattling through the year….and what have we been up to we hear you cry?

The proceeds from Improvageddon were totted up….and we raised a wonderful £350 for Aintree A&E in memory of our good friend Baz.  See – laughter really can make a difference!

We’ve also been doing some guest appearances including Mello’s ESP, The Flyover Fest and July’s Pros & Coms at Que Pasa Cantina on Lark Lane.

But we have BIIIIG news

Our Autumn season has been announced with our opening number being a one off improvised play “Improplay – Unabridged & Unplanned” on September 26 with a 6 weekly soap starting every Wednesday from October 1 through to (& including) November 5.  And to top that off, we’ll be celebrating our 6th birthday in November with our very own Trev Fleming attempting to create 300 characters in 300 minutes in aid of North West Cancer Research Fund.  That’s quite a lot to be getting on with eh?

We’ll also be attempting once more to claim the title of 5th Annual Improv Comedy Tournament hosted by ComedySportz…and hoping that Angie will be careful of her potty mouth!

Our monthly workshops will resume in September after a short break over August…but if you’re missing us, you can come see Angie Waller, Trev Fleming, Jack Darell, Ady Thompson & Zoe Vaux (all Impropriety performers) in Trickster Theatre’s Much Ado About Nothing at the Kazimier 4 – 7 August directed by our own Artistic Director Rosie Wilkinson – just to prove that we don’t make everything up as we go along!!

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