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Autumn-Tastic Season-Fastic

We’re only 1 week into September but are already squeezing SOOO much made up goodness into every day life!

As well as our monthly adult improv jam at 81 Renshaw we also had the pleasure of running children’s workshops at Unity Theatre’s annual open day.

But our main news is ImproPlay at Unity Theatre on 26th September at 9pm (Tickets £5) as part of the Liverpool Comedy Festival 2014.  An entirely improvised 2 act play with the genre and title you!

For the past few weeks the audience have been voting on the genre that you would like to see us perform in….this has now been chosen and will announced on the night.  And the title will also be chosen on the night by the audience!

And not only that – Room Service the Improvised Soap Opera” starts in 81 Renshaw at 7.30pm on 1st October and continues every Wednesday until (& including) 5th November.  Over 6 consecutive Wednesday evenings follow the improvised exploits of the staff and residents of The Mello Towers Hotel. Will there be secrets in the room closets? Which guests shouldn’t be there together? Who will deserve employee of the month? Join Room Service at Liverpool’s most made up hotel!  Tickets £3 on the door (cash only)

This does mean that our monthly workshop at 81 Renshaw will now be on Thursday 2 Oct NOT on the Wednesday.

And we have more goodness to come in November including our very own Trev Fleming’s 300 characters in 300 minutes and some guest spotting at Ken Campbell’s daughter’s Cosmic Trigger at The Camp & Furnace.


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