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Mid Soap Season!

Episode 3 of Room Service saw maaaaaany surprises.  Jennifer is actually Toby’s sister/brother!  Jimmy is now Jemima!  Peter & Felicia have a body to dispose of!  It also left us with more questions.  Where have Jennifer and Toby gone?  What will Mr Blue soup taste like?  How many people has Felicia murdered and will Duncan ever get the pink out of his hair?  For more questions and not necessarily any answers come to Episode 4 of Room Service – The Improvised Soap at 81 Renshaw.  22nd & 29th October with the last episode on 5th November.  8pm.  £3 (cash only)

We will also be fighting for the title of champion of 5th Annual Improv Comedy Tournament hosted by ComedySportz in Sale, Manchester.  Following on from our narrow win of this years Improvageddon at Unity Theatre, we hope to get the double!

And don’t forget if you would like to try this making up malarkey yourself head on down to our monthly workshops.  Next one 6th November 7 – 9pm at 81 Renshaw Street.  Only £2


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