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The story continues

Well….we may not have found out where Toby, Jennifer, Peter or Duncan are, but Trainee Police Constable Paul Lodd correctly deduced that Felicia did done away with Mr Blue. But with the RSPCA’s order to put TPC Paul Lodd down (yes, in the animal sense) for the brutal death of Blossom the hotel cat, will Felicia actually get away with murder? And how will Jemmy Swansong cope with now being an accessory? Will they both be able to keep their misdemeanour a secret when or if the others return. Room Service – Episode 5…..The Penultimate next Wednesday at 81 Renshaw. See you there!

And here’s a pic of us winning the LOSER cup at the ComedySportz improv battle in Manchester on Saturday.  I don’t think you’ll see a happy bunch of Losers if you tried!

ComedySportz 2014

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