Improvised Soaps, Posters & Photos

Remember Remember the 5th of November

Because it’s Room Service – THE FINAL at 81 Renshaw

The story so far….Felicia has admitted (in song) that she is indeed a serial killer. Her deceased husband Bob’s failed attempt to get revenge by enlisting the Mello Towers cats backfired terribly and Toby Le Rone exploded in a anaphylactic mess. But Bob wasn’t the only the one who wished for Felicia’s demise. Who will be crowned the King or Queen of Mello Towers Hotel and possibly be the last guest standing. For the FINAL EPISODE check in on Wednesday 5th November. No previous experience necessary!

Mello Towers Hotel

Photo by JoNa

We’re also gearing up to be part of the world premiere of Daisy Eris Campbell’s epic stage adaptation of Robert Anton Wilson’s The Cosmic Trigger followed by a cabaret and party, and the following day “Find the Others Festival” – a whole day packed with music, speakers, art, film and performance in celebration of Robert Anton Wilson, his ideas and his legacy.  Click here for details.

And don’t forget our monthly Improv Workshop at 81 Renshaw on Thursday 5th November 7 – 9pm (only £2).  You too can make things up from your brain for fun!!

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