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It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

So in spite of being a serial killer and doing away with even more Mello Tower residents, including Jemmy, Felicia went to the big hotel in the ground and was re-united with her dead husband Bob.  Mello Towers was left to the cats in Felicia’s will.  Of course that’s how the soap should end!!

Thanks to everyone who came to watch making it a pretty awesome soap!!

We’ve been working with network artist group Close and Remote from London by bringing to life some of the characters from their Lost Characters project.  Angie got to be the private detective Tuppence O’Dare in Bootle, and Ian is preparing to create Jack Johnson, the Sefton hermit!!!

And next weekend sees us creating even more weird and wonderful characters for Daisy Campbell’s Cosmic Trigger – The Play at Camp and Furnace.  There are still tickets left for this event that promises to be a once in a lifetime experience!

So to Christmas….we’re delighted to be making up some festive goodness for the Christmas Embryo special Chrimbyo at 81 Renshaw along with many other talented friends.

And of course we have the last Improv Workshop on Wednesday 3rd December 7-9pm also at 81 Renshaw.  Only £2 for 2 hours of make em up goodness!!

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