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Impropriety say farewell to The Kazimier

November was jam packed with made up goodness – from our regular public workshops to a fun filled night with Hope University Drama Society to a moral filled performance at The Pilgrim Pub!  We were also honoured to co-host Liverpool Welcomes, an Arts and Music Fundraiser and community building event in aid of refugees.

And that’s not all – we were delighted to be part of Unity Theatre’s Liverpool Live event which broadcast live to promote the huge scope of culture that Liverpool holds.  Here’s the whole bloomin 3.5hrs of it.  We present throughout but our main bit is just after 3 hours in Liverpool Theatre Live

And of course, we’re preparing for the big one…..Kazablanca – A farewell to The Kazimier

A night of Impropriety favourites plus new tales, never seen before and never to be seen again.

And if you don’t “you’ll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life”.



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