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May we continue to entertain you

What a May it has been so far! And there is so much more for you.  From our workshops to Light Night to the Pentecost Pageant.

And what now –

Our regular workshops continue at 81 Renshaw every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month.

There are still some places on our Physical Fest Workshop – Only £5.  All participants of the workshop will get to perform in the festival in the Impropriety Moves at Physical Fest at The Bluecoat.  And if you just want to watch – IT’S FREE!

And still to come…….the 7th Annual Liverpool Improvathon…..WHEN IN ROME

It’s said that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this year Impropriety will be taking 2016 minutes (33 hours and 36 minutes) to prove just that. Join us as we march forth along the Roman roads battling Gods and gladiators, Senates and Soothsayers, Colosseums and Celts and Oratory and orgies as it really is ‘When In Rome’.

Will they fiddle whilst Rome burns or will it be a whole lot of Carpe Diem? Come and dip your toes into the Roman bath waters with ringside chariots to find out.  Sleep Over/Toga Party tickets are available.  Just £15 from 10pm to 10am! – Buy Here

WIR Infamy Poster (1)



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