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Well almost!

We are eagerly beavering away preparing for the awesomeness that is the Liverpool Annual Improvathon – When In Rome.

If you are heading down to Invisible Wind Factory to witness the magic we look forward to seeing you there.  Remember to bring something warm in case there’s a crazy drop in temperature.

And although the bar will be open there is are very limited food vendors nearby so you are more than welcome to bring your own food to keep you sustained.

Also, we have an Improvathon phone number! A real one! Not made up! If you have any problems getting in then please call 07496 439 058 which will hopefully be manned for the whole thing.

You can still buy weekend passes for £25 – that’s 75p per hour!! For tickets click here or you can buy them on the door (cash only).  Episodes are £5 each but if you can upgrade to a weekend pass any time.  And don’t forget the PJ/Toga party 10pm – 10am.  Only £15 For PJ/Toga Party tickets click here


WIR Gladiator Front


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