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New Workshops, New Day, New Venue, New Format – NEW NEW

The Impropriety Jam workshops are coming back in September, but this time with a twist…..

We honestly think that one of the best ways to learn about improv is to do it in front of an audience and so we are giving you the oppotunity to do just that.

How? Well…..

Now on Thursdays, there will still be two workshops per month led by professional Improprietors –

First Thursday of the month will be your usual two hours mix of games and stupidity

Third Thursday of the month is where we open the doors to others to come watch and even have a go themselves with you, the Jammers, taking centre stage.

We will have a mix of Improprieters on hand to play alongside you and support you. All in an atmosphere of support, love and fun…. oh and beer… yes beer… for we are also upping and moving sticks from 81 Renshaw all the way up the hill to The Pilgrim where we do our full professional shows.

We think this will be a great way for people to grow and learn and hope lots of you will take the plunge.

Go on – give it a go!

Still only £4 for 2 hours of made up magic.

(NB – The 1st October workshop will be on Tuesday 4th)

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