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New Season, New Format, New Newbies

So the first set of willing players are warming up their brains to make stuff up from your suggestions.  The September workshop attendees are raring to go.  All they need is an audience!  You!

Come along to our first ever Open Jam Night at The Pilgrim Pub.  Only £4 for an Improv premiere!

Our closed public workshops continue.  If you come along to these you can then perform in the Open Jam Night’s yourselves.  Or just come along for a play if you don’t fancy getting up in front of people.  These are also only £4 for 2 hours of, well, a lot of laughing and a bunch of supportive like minded people who’s mantra is “yes, and”.  For more details Click Here

We are also delighted to welcome Australian Improviser Nick Byrne, who will be sharing his Improv skills in association with Teatro Pomodoro in a 2 day workshop exploring the basis of impulse technique and mindfulness, Nick Byrne first created a course called “In The Moment” to discover exercises allowing improvisers to genuinely feel what it is like to be in this mindset; enabling them to recall that feeling and re-visit it more often.  For more details Click Here.





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