We’re only 3 days in to October and we already have Improv bursting from the seams.

The 1st & 2nd saw us co-host a 2 day workshop with Teatro Pomodoro  that brought the fantastic Nick Byrne all the way from Australia to share his Improv skills with a bunch of eager to learn improvisers.

Oct 3rd was our second workshop at Redbridge High School in our current project “Fishpool” with Liverpool theatre company Wicked Fish.  Over the next 6 weeks we’ll be delivering workshops to a group of students gaining their Duke of Edinburgh awards to add to the bunch of skills that they’re learning…including gardening and hiking!

Oct 4th we continue with our new format public workshops at The Pilgrim Pub.  For just £4 you can make stuff up from your brains with other like minded maker uppers…..then if you fancy giving it a go out loud….you can come along to the Open Jam night (next one on 20th October – also at The Pilgrim) and try it out in front of a supportive audience!  And if you don’t fancy performing – you can be the supportive audience!

Oct 8th we will be hosting the Threshold Stage in Williamson Square as part of World Mental Health Day.  This the 3rd year in a row that we’ve been part of this fabulous event and we can’t wait to see what the line up is this year.

So that’s the first week!!  You certainly can’t say we don’t give you nothing (which you can’t, because that’s terrible grammar – but ya know…it’s true!!)

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