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We need your votes

So, remember Schools Improvageddon with Broadgreen International School and Pensby High School?  Remember how there was a 6 week workshop course followed by a kick-ass performance at Unity Theatre?  Well we want to do it again!  And you may be able to help.

We’ve entered Aviva Community Fund to help enable this.

To be in with a chance to win we need as many votes as possible. TO VOTE SIMPLY CLICK HERE & FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.  The closing date for votes is 18th November.

Your votes would be gratefully received as we would love to bring this project back that proved to be a massive success with the schools and audience.

Schools Improvageddon involves working with schools and their pupils (years 8-12) to support them to create teams of Improvisers to take part in an inter-school league administrated by Impropriety and to create an ongoing program of Improvisation after school activities.We will develop teams of young people from different Merseyside schools from a program of after school workshops led by professional Improvisers. The teams then come together in a ‘competitive’ performance at Unity Theatre, Liverpool at the end of the project with the winning team being crowned Schools Improvageddon champions in front of an audience of their peers and theatre-going public.

Happy voting and thank you in advance.



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