And soon…. IT BEGINS!

Dearest ladies and gentlemens, I hereby and humbly offer myself as your humble herebying narrator for the forthcoming Improvathon of the year of our lord.... 20... uh... 13?  14?  Whatever... Be warned in advance; there be expletives forthcoming, for it takes me an awful lot of self control to not unfurl them upon your poor,… Continue reading And soon…. IT BEGINS!


TODAY: The Improvathon begins

At 1pm we'll be kicking off a hilarious adventure into the bowels of a fictional TV channel. 33.5 hours of improv used narrative, divided into 17 episodes, starting at 1pm. Doors open at 3, 5, 7 etc through the night and deep into tomorrow. Keep track of the narrative (with no-doubt hilarious tangents and distractions)… Continue reading TODAY: The Improvathon begins


Upcoming shows!

More details to follow... 6th Feb - Mello Mello, corner of Slater/Parr Street The Comedy Knight FREE! 11th Feb - Threshold Festival Details to follow 23rd Feb - Mello Mello Impropriety @ Mello Donations welcome 3rd-4th Mar - The Kazimier The 2012 Liverpool Improvathon - 33.5 straight hours of improvised COMEDY £5 an episode /… Continue reading Upcoming shows!


Improvathon 2011 Liveblog

***Please note, this blog was written by someone who became extremely tired and had no concept of self censorship. *** ***IT CONTAINS EXTREMELY STRONG LANGUAGE FROM THE OUTSET AND REFERENCES THAT OUT OF CONTEXT SOUND A LOT WORSE THAN THEY ACTUALLY WERE. HONEST.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*** Hello good people of the internet.  I am Doctor… Continue reading Improvathon 2011 Liveblog

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The Liverpool Improvathon 2011 is on NOW!

We'll be live-blogging the whole show - so you can be up to date if you're in the mood to come on down to The Kazimier any time over the next 33.5 hours! The cast (strikethroughs indicate bitches that be dead): The Groom's side Burt Dike - Dirt bike racer and groom. Inventor of facepainting.… Continue reading The Liverpool Improvathon 2011 is on NOW!