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It’s the early early bird improvathon tickets!!

Exciting times.  Our Improvathon early early bird tickets are available. For a mere £15 (+ £1 booking fee) you can come to the whole bloomin lot!  That's 48p per hour!! So get in quick as there are only a limited number available. And the theme? Ladies & Gents, Boys & Girls, Imps & Impesses.... If… Continue reading It’s the early early bird improvathon tickets!!

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Happy New Improv!

It's been a busy year for Impropriety and we have had a ball! Plans for 2015 are a tad exciting. Morsels of what we have brewing include Trev Fleming's "300" at 81 Renshaw - 300 characters in 300 minutes to raise money for North West Cancer Research, and the 6th Annual Liverpool 33.5hr Improvathon - 21st &… Continue reading Happy New Improv!

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May the improv be with you

Wow! It's May already.  April flew by and was so full of improv goodness that we nearly popped! At the beginning we had the 5th annual improvathon "Umbridge".  A massive thank you to everyone involved in any way. And at the end we had Improvageddon.  4 teams entered & WE WON!!! For the first time… Continue reading May the improv be with you


And soon…. IT BEGINS!

Dearest ladies and gentlemens, I hereby and humbly offer myself as your humble herebying narrator for the forthcoming Improvathon of the year of our lord.... 20... uh... 13?  14?  Whatever... Be warned in advance; there be expletives forthcoming, for it takes me an awful lot of self control to not unfurl them upon your poor,… Continue reading And soon…. IT BEGINS!

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Spring into Improv

Here at Impropriety Towers we are trying to contain our excitement! Not only do we have our show Forgotten Futures and an improvisation workhops as part of the Threshold Festival (for tickets click here) coming up, but we're also stepping up a gear for the 5th Liverpool Annual Improvathon Umbridge - An improvised story of country life.  Think… Continue reading Spring into Improv

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2014 IMPROVATHON DATES – Get your diaries out!

So here at Impropriety Towers we are more than a little excited to be able to announce the 5th Liverpool Annual 33.5 hour Improvathon 2014............ Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th April! Theme and tickets details to follow! Improvathon-tastic!!! And don't forget we have our monthly Improv Jam Workshop at 81 Renshaw on Wednesday 5th March - 7-9pm (only… Continue reading 2014 IMPROVATHON DATES – Get your diaries out!

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iiiiiits iiiiiiiimprov!

So the rest of the year just flew by!! All of a sudden it's Christmas. Time flies when you're making stuff up!! 2013 has been an awesome year for Impropriety and saw us collaborate with some amazing people and organisations.  And of course - we reached our 5th birthday!! We hosted music events and Christmas… Continue reading iiiiiits iiiiiiiimprov!

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Adios Goin’ West, Hola busy busy busy!

It's hard to believe that Goin' West the 2013 Liverpool improvathon is over!! And we would like to say the biggest THANK YOU to everyone who contributed in any way.  The event would be impossible without the help of a million talented and wonderful people!  You can still read the Doctor Captain's 33.5hr blog that covered… Continue reading Adios Goin’ West, Hola busy busy busy!

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IMPROVATHOOOOOOOOON TIME!! – Impropriety are “Goin’ West”

Yes - we can finally announce the theme of this years improvathon.  We've brought you a family wedding, we've brought you a TV Studio, we've even taken you back to the 50's - and now - come with us to the wild wild west coz Impropriety are "Goin' West' Saddle up for the ride of… Continue reading IMPROVATHOOOOOOOOON TIME!! – Impropriety are “Goin’ West”