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Drip drip drop little improv showers

We're now into April and the year is speeding along  Following our busy busy March and beginning of April things are a little bit calmer at Impropriety Towers.  And we are planning, planning, planning for exciting things to come. Keep an eye out for our 2nd doing of Studio2 and of course our annual foray… Continue reading Drip drip drop little improv showers

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300 – Prepare for Glory!

“Improvisation without a plan is like tennis without tennis balls”- Lars von Triers 300 scenes in 300 minutes using 300 distinct characters inspired by 300 single word suggestions from the audience. On Saturday March 7th, 2014 Trev Fleming plans to attempt just this!  The show is called ‘300’ (surprisingly) Nothing like this has ever been done before in the UK. Aiding him throughout… Continue reading 300 – Prepare for Glory!


I’m in the mooooood for improv

So now it's nearly October! Time certainly flies when you're making stuff up!! September saw some wonderful Impropriety collaborations - with Open Culture, Liverpool International Music Festival  & Threshold Festival we had the pleasure of not only performing at the Williamson Square Bandstand, but also hosting 2 of the Sefton Park Bandstand.  3 very enjoyable afternoons with some of… Continue reading I’m in the mooooood for improv

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A bit of a spring in our improv

So 2013 continues to be jam packed for Impropriety. World Book Night with the BBC at St George's Hall was a resounding success - we also got to see wet shirted Mark, that's something you don't see every day!! In Other Words - Liverpool Literary Festival is still going strong.  The wonderful book trees built… Continue reading A bit of a spring in our improv