Improvathon 2018


Photo by JoNa

There were minatours, there were talking hoovers, there was black magic and a film star.  And who could forget the force of nature that was the WI.  There were tears, there was confusion, there was songs and dancing and a LOT of laughter.

Thank you so much to everyone involved.  Our sponsors Sugar and Dice, Keppie MassieFramework Coffee, Bond Luxton 

And an extra special THANK YOU to Hope Street Theatre and Liverpool Arts Society for their ongoing support.

Shall we do it all again next year??  Possibly without the clocks going back!

“Should you ever get the opportunity to see an ‘Improvathon’, or any work by Impropriety for that matter, you would be simply foolish to miss it An Unmissable Weekend of Hilarity” – Patrick Cunningham, Remote Goat

“A hilarious, absorbing, genuinely unforgettable experience” – Vicky Anderson, MADE UP Liverpool


Photo by Andrew Ness Photographer