The Liverpool Improvathon


Stop all the clocks, cover the mirrors… for he is dead. The peaceful passing of William Reading has been the source of great sadness to his many children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and second cousins twice removed.   In life he was celebrated for his many successes: his keen participation in Elephant Polo, taking the English team to victory in 1938; his invention of the sport of polar bear baiting; the Sanctuary for Blind Bats; and his equation that worked out how long a piece of string actually is. Controversially, 14 months of his life are unaccounted for by friends and family: rumours abound but the truth remains cloaked in mystery.

Mr Reading has indeed left a huge legacy, the details of which will be revealed over the course of the weekend. All interested parties and possible beneficiaries are therefore requested to attend, as the Last Will and Testament of William Reading is revealed in…

Where There’s A Will



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How It Works:

Episode 1 starts at 1pm Sat 27th October and the show runs continuously for 17 episodes. Episodes are 2 hours long, beginning on the odd hours (1pm, 3pm, 5pm, etc.), and go on until 10.38pm on Sun 28th October. Parental guidance is strongly suggested. The family friendly Children’s Episode takes place 11am–1pm on Sunday and will be suitable for audiences of any age.

We’ve taken you to quaint country villages, magical fairy castles, the Roman Empire and the deepest reaches of space… Now journey with us to the very gates of death… Just up to the gates, not actually past them…

“Should you ever get the opportunity to see an ‘Improvathon’, or any work by Impropriety for that matter, you would be simply foolish to miss it An Unmissable Weekend of Hilarity” – Patrick Cunningham, Remote Goat

“A hilarious, absorbing, genuinely unforgettable experience” – Vicky Anderson, MADE UP Liverpool