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The end of the world…..well of 2012!

So the world didn't end! Yippee!! And what a good thing that was.  Here at Impropriety Towers we have SOOOO much planned for 2013 that if it had ended, we would have been mightily peeved! But what a year it's been.  A season launch, an awesome improvathon with fabulous Die Nasty visitors from Edmonton, a… Continue reading The end of the world…..well of 2012!


TODAY: The Improvathon begins

At 1pm we'll be kicking off a hilarious adventure into the bowels of a fictional TV channel. 33.5 hours of improv used narrative, divided into 17 episodes, starting at 1pm. Doors open at 3, 5, 7 etc through the night and deep into tomorrow. Keep track of the narrative (with no-doubt hilarious tangents and distractions)… Continue reading TODAY: The Improvathon begins


TOMORROW: The Liverpool Improvathon 2012!

In less than a day over 30 performers will be forgoing sleep for 33.5 straight hours - 2012 sequential minutes - for your entertainment. Before your very eyes an epic narrative will be woven, and nobody knows where it'll end up.  Some will live, some will die.  Some will love, some will... also die. Not… Continue reading TOMORROW: The Liverpool Improvathon 2012!