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Total eclispe of the improooooov!

So, September has crept up on us.  But dya know what - we saw it coming!!! What do we have planned, we hear you cry!! The most exciting thing at the moment is our Improv de Jour evening in association with 81 Renshaw and Liverpool Food and Drink Festival has now announced the see what this menu is Click… Continue reading Total eclispe of the improooooov!


Improv tiiiime, and the living is eaaaasyyyyyyyyy

So it's officially summer!!! And do we have some hot sizzling bucket of sunshine goodnesses for you???? (Yes, we do is the answer) Highlights of July and August (so far...) July 2nd - Improv Jam at Mello Mello - come and make stuff up from your brains with us! 7.30-9.30pm - Only £2 July 3rd - IMPROVAGGEDON -… Continue reading Improv tiiiime, and the living is eaaaasyyyyyyyyy