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We're getting properly excited here at Impropriety Towers as 'Happily Ever After?', the 2015 Liverpool Improvathon is exactly ONE MONTH TODAY. Yes, that's right, this time in a mere four weeks, we'll have started our 2015 minute marathon. Which is a bit exciting. And a bit terrifying. But mostly exciting! Honest... And don't forget, if you… Continue reading A MONTH TO GO…


I’m in the mooooood for improv

So now it's nearly October! Time certainly flies when you're making stuff up!! September saw some wonderful Impropriety collaborations - with Open Culture, Liverpool International Music Festival  & Threshold Festival we had the pleasure of not only performing at the Williamson Square Bandstand, but also hosting 2 of the Sefton Park Bandstand.  3 very enjoyable afternoons with some of… Continue reading I’m in the mooooood for improv

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September Salutations

September is did that happen?? And as usual, those at Impropriety Towers has been beavering away! The beginning of September saw our Improprieters returning to Mello to perform in "Double Trouble" - a new format to us all, where 4 teams of 2 fought to win the audiences vote. Having 15 minutes each, teams… Continue reading September Salutations

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Improvathon, masterclass, shows and workshops… we spoil you something rotten!

Well, we can honestly say that if you thought Impropriety were busy before, you ain't see nothing yet. Following on from our season launch last month & our performance and 'Impropriety Kids' workshop at Threshold Festival we have a jam packed fortnight ahead! AND YOU CAN COME TO ALL OF IT!! Thursday 1st March @… Continue reading Improvathon, masterclass, shows and workshops… we spoil you something rotten!


Autumn News

As we head towards Autumn we though it would good to let you know what has been happening. We have confirmed our monthly gigs which will be happening at Blundell Street. Please come along to those and join the mailing for details of offers on admission. Over the summer, we have been getting to know… Continue reading Autumn News