Improvathon 2017 Live Blog

  Hello, and welcome to the 2017 Liverpool Improvathon liveblog. I'm your host, Doctor Captain Lee Isserow, writer of words and way too many books, and I shall be rambling at you for the next 33.5 hours. All opinions are my own, and I apologize for them in advance. So come with me, if you will,… Continue reading Improvathon 2017 Live Blog

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The Liverpool Improvathon 2011 is on NOW!

We'll be live-blogging the whole show - so you can be up to date if you're in the mood to come on down to The Kazimier any time over the next 33.5 hours! The cast (strikethroughs indicate bitches that be dead): The Groom's side Burt Dike - Dirt bike racer and groom. Inventor of facepainting.… Continue reading The Liverpool Improvathon 2011 is on NOW!