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It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

So in spite of being a serial killer and doing away with even more Mello Tower residents, including Jemmy, Felicia went to the big hotel in the ground and was re-united with her dead husband Bob.  Mello Towers was left to the cats in Felicia's will.  Of course that's how the soap should end!! Thanks… Continue reading It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

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May the improv be with you

Wow! It's May already.  April flew by and was so full of improv goodness that we nearly popped! At the beginning we had the 5th annual improvathon "Umbridge".  A massive thank you to everyone involved in any way. And at the end we had Improvageddon.  4 teams entered & WE WON!!! For the first time… Continue reading May the improv be with you

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iiiiiits iiiiiiiimprov!

So the rest of the year just flew by!! All of a sudden it's Christmas. Time flies when you're making stuff up!! 2013 has been an awesome year for Impropriety and saw us collaborate with some amazing people and organisations.  And of course - we reached our 5th birthday!! We hosted music events and Christmas… Continue reading iiiiiits iiiiiiiimprov!


Improv tiiiime, and the living is eaaaasyyyyyyyyy

So it's officially summer!!! And do we have some hot sizzling bucket of sunshine goodnesses for you???? (Yes, we do is the answer) Highlights of July and August (so far...) July 2nd - Improv Jam at Mello Mello - come and make stuff up from your brains with us! 7.30-9.30pm - Only £2 July 3rd - IMPROVAGGEDON -… Continue reading Improv tiiiime, and the living is eaaaasyyyyyyyyy

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Adios Goin’ West, Hola busy busy busy!

It's hard to believe that Goin' West the 2013 Liverpool improvathon is over!! And we would like to say the biggest THANK YOU to everyone who contributed in any way.  The event would be impossible without the help of a million talented and wonderful people!  You can still read the Doctor Captain's 33.5hr blog that covered… Continue reading Adios Goin’ West, Hola busy busy busy!


Special Guest Announcement!

Less than a week away until our Mello show & we can finally announce our special guests. Kevin Foote, Sam Freeman & Sally Moss have been enjoying making things up from their brains at our fortnightly workshops and are now taking the plunge and joining us on stage to do it all for you....YES YOU!… Continue reading Special Guest Announcement!

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Where did the year go???

We can't believe it! It's nearly Christmas, kind of! Well according to the TV & shops that are already playing Christmas music! Crazy! And what a busy time us Improprieters have had & are having! The most exciting news is the announcing of our Christmas Show at MelloMello on Wednesday 12th December at 8pm.  We'll be bringing… Continue reading Where did the year go???

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They’re back!!!

The summer has gone and the nights are drawing in - but do not despair...our fortnightly workshops are back (cheer) on Wednesday 17th October. We return to our spiritual home MelloMello for the regular 2 hours of fun & making stuff up. All abilities are welcome. The workshops cost £2 and are 7pm - 9pm… Continue reading They’re back!!!