And soon…. IT BEGINS!

Dearest ladies and gentlemens, I hereby and humbly offer myself as your humble herebying narrator for the forthcoming Improvathon of the year of our lord.... 20... uh... 13?  14?  Whatever... Be warned in advance; there be expletives forthcoming, for it takes me an awful lot of self control to not unfurl them upon your poor,… Continue reading And soon…. IT BEGINS!

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Spring into Improv

Here at Impropriety Towers we are trying to contain our excitement! Not only do we have our show Forgotten Futures and an improvisation workhops as part of the Threshold Festival (for tickets click here) coming up, but we're also stepping up a gear for the 5th Liverpool Annual Improvathon Umbridge - An improvised story of country life.  Think… Continue reading Spring into Improv