Dating once a week for 2 months

Dating once a week for 2 months

In the age of swiping fatigue and endless options, Dating once a week for 2 months’ concept of intentional dating feels refreshingly different. Forget the pressure of cramming connections into a single night. What if you dedicated a focused date, once a week, to truly getting to know someone?

Dating Once A Week For 2 Months

  • Setting the Stage
  • Diving Deep
  • Beyond the Surface
  • A Love Letter to Intentional Dating
  • The Weekly Dose

This is the premise behind the “Weekly Dose” experiment, where I embarked on eight dates over two months, each with a different person. The goal wasn’t to find “the one” (though who knows!), but to understand the power of consistent connection and explore different personalities. For more information about Im Propriety

Setting the Stage

The first hurdle? Deciding on the “format.” Should it be coffee, drinks, or an activity? Ultimately, I opted for a mix – a coffee shop for an initial icebreaker, a museum visit to gauge shared interests, and a cooking class to foster teamwork.

The biggest challenge? Combatting the “first date jitters” eight times in a row! However, the consistent pace also fostered a sense of routine, making it easier to relax and focus on the person in front of me.

Diving Deep

With the initial awkwardness out of the way, these weeks were about delving deeper. The topics went from the expected “What do you do?” to discussions about values, aspirations, and relationship dealbreakers.

On one date, a passionate photographer led me through his favorite local gallery. Another, a budding entrepreneur, excitedly shared his business ideas. Each encounter unveiled unique life experiences and perspectives, expanding my social circle and challenging my own views. Dating once a week for 2 months

Beyond the Surface

As the weeks progressed, the conversations took on a more intimate tone. We discussed past relationships, family dynamics, and dreams for the future. Sharing vulnerabilities fostered a sense of trust and emotional connection.

However, not every date felt like a romantic possibility. One connection remained platonic, while another highlighted a fundamental lifestyle difference. The beauty of this format? The lack of pressure allowed me to gracefully move on without the awkwardness of ghosting.

A Love Letter to Intentional Dating

So, what did this experiment teach me? Here are the key takeaways

Quality over Quantity: Focusing on one meaningful date per week allowed me to truly invest time and energy in getting to know someone. It felt richer than a string of fleeting meet-and-greets.

The Power of Vulnerability: Sharing vulnerabilities fosters trust and allows genuine connections to form. It’s a leap of faith, but the reward is a deeper level of intimacy.

Appreciating Differences: Each date presented a new perspective on life and love. It highlighted the importance of open-mindedness and the vast spectrum of human experiences.

Defining What You Want: Spending time with a variety of personalities helped me refine what I seek in a partner. It’s about identifying dealbreakers and core values to guide future dating decisions.

The Weekly Dose

This experiment wasn’t about finding “the one” within eight weeks. It was about exploring possibilities and learning about myself in the process. While the format may not be for everyone, there’s value in approaching dating with intention.

Whether it’s weekly dates, themed outings, or focusing on shared activities, the key is to invest time, effort, and vulnerability in getting to know someone. It may not always lead to love, but it guarantees a richer, more meaningful dating experience. Dating once a week for 2 months

Bonus Tip: If you’re considering trying the Weekly Dose, here are some additional suggestions:

Be clear about your expectations: Let your date know beforehand that this is part of an intentional dating experiment.

Set boundaries: Decide how much time and energy you’re comfortable investing per date.

Be open to new experiences: Try different venues and activities to discover shared interests.

Practice gratitude: Appreciate the opportunity to meet new people and learn from their experiences.

The world of dating can be overwhelming, but with a bit of intentionality, it can also be a rewarding journey of discovery. So, grab your calendar, embrace the “Weekly Dose”, and see where your exploration leads you!

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