cabaret in london with dinner

cabaret in london with dinner

London offers a variety of cabaret shows that include dinner cabaret in london with dinner, providing a unique and entertaining dining experience. These shows combine live performances with delicious meals, making for a memorable night out. Here are a few options for cabaret in London with dinner:

Cabaret in London with dinner

  • Proud Embankment:
  • The Crazy Coqs at Brasserie Zédel:
  • Proud Cabaret City:
  • The Ritz London:
  • Café de Paris:
  • Boisdale of Belgravia:
  • The Piano Works West End:

Proud Embankment:

Proud Embankment is known for its lavish cabaret performances, and it offers a dining experience along with the show. The venue hosts various themed shows with a three-course dinner, ensuring an elegant and entertaining evening For more information about Im Propriety.

The Crazy Coqs at Brasserie Zédel:

Located in the heart of London, Brasserie Zédel’s Crazy Coqs offers cabaret performances in an intimate setting. Enjoy a delicious French meal before or after the show.

Proud Cabaret City:

Another offering from the Proud group, Proud Cabaret City combines a three-course meal with burlesque and cabaret acts. The setting is opulent, creating a vintage atmosphere.

The Ritz London:

The Ritz occasionally hosts cabaret evenings in its grand dining room. You can enjoy a luxurious dinner followed by a live performance in this iconic venue.

Café de Paris:

Café de Paris in the West End is famous for its cabaret shows. They often offer dinner packages, allowing you to enjoy a meal while watching the show.

Boisdale of Belgravia:

Boisdale is known for its jazz and cabaret performances. The venue offers a range of dining options, from fine Scottish cuisine to hearty comfort food.

The Piano Works West End:

While not traditional cabaret, The Piano Works in the West End features live music, audience requests, and a lively atmosphere. You can enjoy dinner and drinks while being entertained by the talented musicians.

When booking a cabaret show with dinner in London, it’s a good idea to check the venue’s website for the latest show schedules, menus, and reservation details. These shows are popular, so making reservations in advance is often recommended to secure your spot for an evening of great entertainment and fine dining.

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